(Photo: Mega at 7 months and Dasher 14 years - soon to be 15 and sticking his tungue out!!)
Dasher's Italian Greyhound blog 2024

This is the story of Dasher, who we collected from his breeder when he was 9 weeks old in 2009. The latest "happenings" will be put on at the top at frequent intervals, so the story unfolds from the bottom and up! He now lives with young Mega. There are videos of him on YouTube, if you search for my YouTube name: sighthounddotnet
Happy reading!
- Janet

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July 22nd 2024 - and the 16th blog!

Some people cross their fingers when they want something, but Dasher crosses his legs!

Spot the doggies on the patio!

Find Mega in my kitchen garden waiting for me to finish weeding! (That's a giant Fennikal plant!)

June 22nd 2024

Both dogs stand staring - and me too as the locals have got a grass cutting robot to manage this huge area of grass!

I am supervised closely in the kitchen garden! (Luckily they have not found out they could eat strawberries! Strange as they eat plums, cherries and apple!

Mega poses in the sun!

Some of the garden! It is so pretty right now.

Dasher suddenly picks up his favourite toy and mucks about - showing me that although he is 15, he feels fine!

He barks!

They love to sunbathe!

June 16th 2024
I went to a family lunch and my two grandchildren were adoring the dogs especially cheeky Mega!

Mega tries to kiss!

Below left: The boy's own dog Choko tells him off as he is jealous of all Mega's attention!
Above right: The trouble with lovely summer houses is the ticks carried by deer in the woods! I removed this one from Dasher's head!

Here on the train home, Mega has NO idea about making himself small and discreet under the seat!

June 14th 2024
Mega's breeder and Mega's mother Nike come on an afternoon visit! They haven't seen each other for nearly a year!

First greetings in the hallway. My two were amazed at seeing their own breed!

In the kitchen!
Left: David with Nike. Right: Mega sniffing with his tongue out!

Then they all ran like crazy all over the garden!

Tired out - for 10 seconds!

Saying goodbye again after a hectic afternoon! A good time was had by all! We hope they come again some day!

Mega relaxes in the kitchen garden while I work on the 10th of June!
June 4th 2024
Last Saturday I went to a birthday party in Copenhagen together with the dogs, and here are some doggy pictures from the day. Left: They are at the bus stop on their travel rug and we are waiting for the bus. Right: At the station waiting for the train in a waiting room. Actually we only had 5 minutes to wait!

On the train and I am sitting in the carriage for bicycles and prams so no carpet! The train was full up! Mega has NO idea about making himself as small and discreet as possible! It's hard for him too as he wants to greet everyone yet is mostly totally ignored!!!

Some of the wonderful open sandwiches!
Left: After we had all eaten some!!! Right: I borrowed a dog bed for Mega. Dasher sat in a cage beside us because one guest dog just wants to mate on him all the time, and Dasher often turns the tables! But at 15 I think he should relax more!.
There were two other dogs, here is one investigating Mega! (The sun shines in "bars" through the fence.)

On the train back home.

They were as good as gold on the bus home! It was a lovely day and perfect weather.

Mega enjoys just lying in the garden! They were both a bit tired next day!

May 26th 2024

Bored stiff, they are waiting for me to stop doing some gardening and give them their dinner!!!!
Mucking about with a toy (which is an old winter sock tied in a knot!) and Mega steals it from Dasher!

Mega enjoys the sun while I work in the garden.
Dasher often has fits of playfulness, which always delights me as it is proof he feels good and has no aches and pains from old age.

Lovely sight on the daily walk.
Find Mega!
The most incredible beetle flies noisily into the kitchen so I rescue it and release it outside. I have a book of insects in Danish where it is called a Grøn Guldbasse (Cetonia aurata) - actually these pictures are not very good, as it was very beautiful in shimmering green.

May 14th 2024
We are having lots of sunshine at last!

Both love to sunbathe on my patio!
When my sons fixed up the 3 new gates we agreed to hang this one on the opposite side as one old post is getting a bit rotton. But all his life, and he is 15 now, Dasher has gone through the gate on the "old" side, and he cannot get used to the switch over! It's so funny, see him here asking to go out/come in on what is the hinge side now, as it is reversed!

Mega loves racing around the garden!

One of Mega's favourite toys

Mega had a vaccination last week and after about an hour, he got pains in his shoulder and felt he could hardly walk. This lasted all evening but already in the night he was fine again, phew!
Mega steals a chew treat before I can give it to him! Right: "What? I thought there were MORE of those treats????"

May 3rd 2024

My wonderful sons had a hard working day here Sunday and set up 3 new gates where the old ones had rotted and blown down in a storm, so I painted everything... and of course Dasher had to mash himself into the bushes at the back in order to be together with me - and got himself painted in the process!!!

I had to use some turpentine! He has enough grey hairs already without even more!!!

After "assisting" me in the kitchen garden, Mega rests in the clump of chives and flattens quite a bit!

Some pretty cherry blossom.

See what the very kind and thoughtful breeders of Mega sent him as a birthday present! A very unusually caring gift which I am very grateful for! Will take photos of him with something later on!

April 30th 2024
Little Mega is 1 year old today!

Here he is with one of his favourite toys and waiting for me to throw it! I have Photoshopped the Danish flag in his mouth as he is Danish and in Denmark all birthdays are celebrated with much flag waving! He was born the perfect time of the year, spring is well under way and always so much easier to toilet-train a puppy in the summer months!

Above a funny photo of Mega from a while back when it was colder and he had to wait with his coat on while I got ready to take them on a walk, so he got hot and ignored the dog bed but climbed onto some kitchen shelves! Very uncomfortable but he was successfully demonstrating his point!

April 16th 2024
At last some sun and I can do some gardening -and gate painting! Closely supervised by the dogs!
Dasher is standing by me in the kitchen garden, but staring to see what Mega is up to!
Left, my garden wagon is blocked! Right: We have millions of ladybirds this year! It was even in the papers!

Above: I was just taking a photo of the beautiful Japanese Cherry tree beside the front door, when Dasher came past!

March 27th 2024
While they wait for me to take them for a walk, they muck about all silly!

March 23rd 2024

They BOTH want the same bone - of course! Here Mega is plaguing Dasher to give it up!
Then cheeky Mega grabs it and Dasher gives in - he never likes trouble!
They get some good exercise chasing each other!

March 18th 2024
When I take the dogs for their daily walk, Mega is VERY enthusiastic about greeting everyone we pass very warmly.
He leaps up high in the air to try to lick faces and greets everyone like he knows them well and has missed them!
I can hardly control him! I have to hold tight as children could be knocked down or scratched by his claws and he means the greetings with the best and sweetest intentions but he is WAY too wild and over-happy with joy!
He can jump very high and even reach my face and once knocked my glasses off! Luckily they fell on the grass lawn so no harm done! So I say to everyone I meet that they can “get a doggy kiss” to explain his wild leaping up at them and show that he means well, that it isn’t an attack!
Actually many people automatically bend over to greet him and pet him at which he leaps repeatedly up and kisses their face even before I have had time to warn them!!!!
Then the other day an old man was slowly coming along towards us with his walker. He seemed quite sweet in his smile and ways and he bent lower to pet Mega, chatting kindly to him - who of course leapt up and “kissed” him just as I was saying
“You can get a doggy kiss if you want!” Then he looked up at me with a cheeky smile and said
“I would sooner have a kiss from you!”

He was so charming in some natural way that I nearly gave him one!!!! (Harmless since he was elderly and gripping a Walker?) I seriously considered it - but the moment passed in a split second and we both laughed loudly while Mega kissed him some more! Then we wished each other a nice day and went our different ways.
But the little scene was very amusing and I was laughing to myself afterwards thinking how Mega nearly got me to kiss a total stranger!! See what having a young, over-enthusiastic IG can lead to!!!!
March 8th 2024
A freezing cold misty-frosty day!

March 4th 2024
A few photos from a visit to a family birthday party Saturday the 2nd.!
I'm sitting on the bench in the bus shelter but Mega wants to see if the bus is coming soon! Then he agrees to come and sit on their travel rug.

Above: They sit nieely on the bus, much to the admiration of the other passengers.
There are two other dogs at the party! Here, Simba the Cockerpoo.
Mega takes over the host dog's bed and is greeted by the youngest guest! (Who later feeds him treats which he takes SO carefully from the tiny fingers.)

t was a bit of a crush on the way home on the train and Mega fills their travel-rug, head on my foot so Dasher is beside him and the man sitting opposite kindly lets him sit half on his foot!! If you look carefully there is a dark grey shoe with white laces under Dasher's head and feet!

Tired out and often lying together the next day!

February 11th 2024
Left: I spotted this Ladybird 3 days ago - but then yesterday, the very day AFTER, boy did we get snow again!!!!
Above: Eranthis a few days ago .. later they opened after some sun BUT then the snow storm hit...

...and this is before they were completely buried! They look like fried eggs!

Mega chewing a good bone and holding so cutely with his paws!

Mega loves relaxing! Never known a dog to stretch out like this quite so often!
Spring is on the way!

February 1st 2024 - and the 16th blog!

A very misty walk!

Dasher is saying: "Right! I've got my coat on, so when are we going for a walk?"

January 20th 2024

His head got too heavy? He IS very "big-headed" for a little dog!

Dasher is always asking me something!

Enjoying MY chair in the lounge!

On a snowy walk, but at least the path was cleared!

Leaping around in the snow! Mega is a really tough guy and the cold doesn't seem to bother him!

A snow plough stupidly threw all the snow up in front of my gates!

January 17th 2024

Spot the little Robin!

We had some tough days before they cleared the snow a bit! Below: A frosty oakleaf I thought was so pretty!

December 28th 2023
I visit the family for lunch and only got a few photos.
Here Mega is being careful with very bombastic Simba and right, enjoying being petted. I left Dasher behind to be looked after by my kind neighbour.

Sitting like an angel in his travel bag beside me while I eat lunch

Tired out and on the train home again!

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