(Photo: Mega at 7 months and Dasher 14 years - soon to be 15 and sticking his tungue out!!)
Dasher's Italian Greyhound blog 2024

This is the story of Dasher, who we collected from his breeder when he was 9 weeks old in 2009. The latest "happenings" will be put on at the top at frequent intervals, so the story unfolds from the bottom and up! He now lives with young Mega. There are videos of him on YouTube, if you search for my YouTube name: sighthounddotnet
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February 11th 2024 - and the 16th blog!
Left: I spotted this Ladybird 3 days ago - but then yesterday, the very day AFTER, boy did we get snow again!!!!
Above: Eranthis a few days ago .. later they opened after some sun BUT then the snow storm hit...

...and this is before they were completely buried! They look like fried eggs!

Mega chewing a good bone and holding so cutely with his paws!

Mega loves relaxing! Never known a dog to stretch out like this quite so often!
Spring is on the way!

February 1st 2024 - and the 16th blog!

A very misty walk!

Dasher is saying: "Right! I've got my coat on, so when are we going for a walk?"

January 20th 2024

His head got too heavy? He IS very "big-headed" for a little dog!

Dasher is always asking me something!

Enjoying MY chair in the lounge!

On a snowy walk, but at least the path was cleared!

Leaping around in the snow! Mega is a really tough guy and the cold doesn't seem to bother him!

A snow plough stupidly threw all the snow up in front of my gates!

January 17th 2024

Spot the little Robin!

We had some tough days before they cleared the snow a bit! Below: A frosty oakleaf I thought was so pretty!

December 28th 2023
I visit the family for lunch and only got a few photos.
Here Mega is being careful with very bombastic Simba and right, enjoying being petted. I left Dasher behind to be looked after by my kind neighbour.

Sitting like an angel in his travel bag beside me while I eat lunch

Tired out and on the train home again!

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