Dasher at just 9 weeks of age!
(Photo: Dasher at 7 months together with Magnus.)
Dasher's Italian Greyhound blog 2010

This is the story of Dasher, who we collected from his breeder when he was 9 weeks old. The latest "happenings" will always be put on at the top at frequent intervals, so the story unfolds from the bottom and up! He lives with our two Whippets: Magnus 9 years and Timmi, 7 years, from Kennel Vibe.
There are videos of him on YouTube, if you search for my YouTube name: sighthounddotnet
Happy reading!
- Janet

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Last entry in 2010:
Don't let your IG freeze in this cold weather!
See this perfect outfit for use both out (possibly with rain-coat on top for freezing or wet weather) and inside, if your home is chilly, draughty or the dog must wait in the car etc. PS! Dasher now has his own, see it on link to the new 2011 blog above!
Visit "Togs for Dogs" in England:
handmade to measure, if you wish - Dasher has quite a few of his coats from here. I have known Helen for about 25 years!

December 22nd
Grandchild here on a visit - and immediately the cage is popular - 8.30 in the morning!

December 5th
I never get tired of seeing the completely crazy positions the dogs lie in when they sleep! Timmi HAS to be under a thick blanket at all times and is good to burrow underneath it - here is what I saw mid-morning!

December 4th
Dasher in his December uniform!

December 2nd
Yesterday I got good news from the hospital Dr. that my leg is healing well so it was off with the awful heavy support boot - after 10 nightmare weeks! I can hardly walk (it's agony!) and must use a crutch and there will go many months - but I am on the way to recovery! Unfort. a snow storm has snowed us in and we couldn't get out to my physiotherapy appointment - so I must work on my foot myself! Here is Dasher in the snow waiting for the laser light to come on! Note snow all over his face from running through snow drifts after the light!

November 29th
Ha, ha, a large, fat Blackbird took up residence in the cycle-basket-feeder this morning. Surrounded by fresh food, it enjoyed eating, preening itself and having a rest. There's a stiff gale wind blowing snow all over the place and the basket is swinging around! After about
5 - 10 minutes where no other bird could feed, I decided to take a photo through the window. The flash scared him off and in moved the Bluetits and - oh no, he's back again as I write...oh well, I will be enjoying his beautiful song all spring and summer next year!

November 23rd
A useful tip? I just love our Bluetits and Great tits and right now they need feeding help for the winter. My bird table broke
and I have been looking high and low for a new one with high'ish sides. (If the sides aren't reasonably high, all the seeds blow away on windy days!!!!) Then I had a brain-wave. From my office window I am looking at a hedge of evergreen Honeysuckle and so I have bought a cycle basket in fine mesh, lined the bottom in plastic (with a few holes) and just as it would hook on the bycycle, it hooks on the wire fence instead! The birds weren't 5 minutes discovering it and fly non-stop to and fro all day!
Here it is dripping with melted snow! No bird to see - they are not coming while I stand there!

Sunday November 21st.
A grey, misty and depressing day, so Svend takes Dasher on his morning walk with the mission to make people smile, be a little bit happier and think of Christmas cheer!

I strongly recommend this dog toothpaste! (Bought in "Maxi Zoo".) I have at last got into a good habit with cleaning their teeth once a day: Just before giving them breakfast. Earlier, the promise of breakfast kept them willing and would wash away the foul taste of the toothpaste, but this one tastes of chicken so they queue up to have their teeth cleaned, even Dasher, although I can only clean his front teeth. Their teeth are whiter and cleaner even with the minimum of brushing. I'd have to get Dasher in a death grip to be able to drag his lips back and brush the back ones - but so far so good - to have permission to do the front ones took nearly a year to achieve!!!

Dasher ALWAYS insists on sitting with Timmi in this way every evening, but last nght he was very disappointed, as the blanket was not over Timmi, but underneath!

A kind elderly lady that Svend passes nearly every day on his doggy walk, photographed him out with the Whippets one day about a month ago - and gave him a print! This is a photo of the print! Pity about the children's playgound giving him a "hat"!!!
November 16th
It is hard for me not to be able to walk my dogs because of my broken leg. I long to get out. Especially now as "Santi's mom" last December, very kindly sewed a wonderful and fun Santa Claus coat for Dasher as I had admired Santi is HIS last year! I have been looking forward the whole year to walking out with Dasher wearing this outfit. It makes everyone we meet smile or laugh and children LOVE to see him! (Plus cars have nearly crashed as drivers and passengers stared so long!!) Everyone is just a little bit happier seeing him! So Svend walks him instead - and has all the fun! This morning he walked as usual past the Retirement home and there was a whole crowd of the "inmates" standing outside waiting for the bus. Everyone exclaimed, laughed and commented and he left them all smiling and cheered!
All part of the Christmas spirit!
Santi last year in HIS Father Christmas outfit! You can see Dasher just below, when he wore his to Lure Coursing.
November 7th
Dasher goes to coursing again! Hard frost - but a beautiful sunny and windless day! A good chance for Dasher to show off his Santa Claus coat! Dasher runs well.
Santi learns to run again after a few times going on strike and sitting down letting the others do all the hard work!! - and Vincenza runs really well for for the first time for a while and without any owner help! A great day out! Video her:
November 6th
Timmi - as spotted on the sofa by our youngest son:

Dasher rests his feet on my walking frame:

November 1st
Dasher went to lure coursing again yesterday - no video - too difficult sitting down with a broken leg, but here are several photos. It was great to see Dasher's sisters and a half sister! Litter sisters Sally and Shiloh ran really well, so I am hoping Dasher soon has someone to run against. (He made Vincenza nervous last time he ran with her, as he overtook from behind like a torpedo and gave her a shock, which quite put her off the whole thing!) Half sister Zoe needs a little more practice, she finds it hard to "let go" and run like crazy - and forget all about "mom"!!!!

Above from left: Sally, Zoe and Shiloh.
Shiloh with the hare she had "killed"!! She is the smallest, yet never lost sight of the hare in the tough grass and many small "hills"!
Dasher before and seconds after start! He ran perfectly two times with a sleep in the car in between. It was only around 450 metres long today.

A tired and satisfied Whippet called Monty!
--Memphisto, a new beginner of 13 weeks - an up and coming coursing star? He was very keen when he got a chance to run a few yards!
Vincenza who lives with him! She ran well too and very fast.

October 30th
A new video from the 19th of September that I nearly forgot!


October 26th
Dasher waiting for me to use the laser light that he's so crazy about running after!

October 25th
Magnus can't stop scraping his bed into a terrible mess before sitting in it. Here, I suddenly noticed he had actually scraped all blankets out and been forced to sleep on them on the floor BESIDE his bed! Crazy dog!

October 14th
I went to the hospital yesterday as it was the 3 week anniversery of my operation and I leant a whole lot of new exercises
and not least, how to hobble along putting weight on the broken leg so I am almost walking! Felt wonderful, even though, due to the heavy XXXL size high heeled boot with steel supports, that leg is longer, this doesn't seem to matter - so it's the end of hopping on one leg - which leg then breathed a sigh of relief! (Well nearly!) Still 3 more weeks to go - then the real pain of getting back to normal starts!

October 10th
Big family get-together yesterday as grandson has just turned 11 years of age! Dasher of course was the centre of attention and asked for and got non-stop stroked, cuddled and petted by all!
However Timmi is seen here having his own private love-in and attention!
- and grandson loved trying out my wheelchair and showing me how, with grace and ease, he can hop with the walking frame! So simple when you are young and able!

October 8th
Evening time and Dasher knows that Magnus will not sit beside him, so he turns on all his charm. Magnus understands, but gets down as he wants total peace when sleeping and no disturbances from that idiot breed called Italian Greyhound!

October 1st
I am hopping around on one leg and managing, after the circumstances, fine. Svend takes the Whippets for their morning walk, but due to a bad knee, he cannot take Dasher as well. But Dasher gets extra runs after the laser light in the garden, so he's pretty tired most of the time!!!! - and all dogs are happy so long as they are by me. Dasher had a bit of an event yesterday: Svend took him to the vet. for his yearly vaccination cocktail.
Also, as I simply cannot cut his nails standing on one leg and holding the walking frame with one hand (!!) we asked the vet. to do it. This went well - with plenty of bribery! This breed does well on plenty of treats (which we call bait) but if you are not willing to pay for your orders and wishes to be carried out promptly, they can easily go their own way and ignore you! We were prepared for him to feel a bit poorly and have a painful lump on the neck, like the Whippets often do, but no, he was so pleased to be home and full of beans as usual! Not a sign of any discomfort.
No photos, as I wouldn't ask Svend to use my camera - just that he didn't let Dasher leap down from the vet's high table or get bitten by another dog in the waiting room, was enough for me!
YOU can read the whole story here - if you have time, as it is very long - and of course, fully illustrated ha ha!!!!
See: www.sighthound.net/theaccident.htm

September 24th
Slight hold-up in this blog! I have been in hospital for a few days as I have broken my lower right leg - both bones - and now have metal bars screwed in to hold it all together! See the stitches here - there's another row just out of sight round to the right! See the whole story on: www.sighthound.net/theaccident.htm
The dogs were SO pleased when I got home again! Here they are lying on the guest bed behind me as I work on the computer.

September 14th
How did we get so far into this month all of a sudden? The days are RUSHING by!
Here is a photo of Dasher and Timmi on the sofa last night.
Note Timmi's tail!

September 2nd
Three days ago we were to dinner with a friend completely dog-free except for her dogs. I made a little video of the evening's entertainment - apart from the super food (as always!) good company and many good laughs we had! See the extra entertainment here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=osQLzzq6jL0

August 28th
and we go to Gisselfeld for three "Country Days" together with our coursing friends to give the general public a demonstration of Lure coursing!
Read: http://da.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gisselfeld - unfort. only in Danish.
We walk for nearly a mile to get to the coursing area and I have made a little video of it all see here:
Gisselfeld castle has such beautiful grounds with two big lakes and some small ones, woods, very old trees and beautiful old gardens,
that it is a sheer pleasure to be there. Here is Dasher watching some other dogs run. He loved every second and was greeting every dog that cared to meet him and preferably play with him! Plus there were SO MANY good smells! All my filming is done with
my unpractised left hand and him prancing around on the other end of the leash - not easy!

August the 22nd
- a fun day in Tivoli
. Once a year Tivoli opens it's lovely gardens to all dogs that can creep or crawl - and the Danish kennel club has several shows and a "Dog parade" which we usually take part in each year. This time Dasher is fully grown - he was just a puppy last year. He thoroughly enjoys all the sights and smells and is good to greet just about any dog there! I photo'ed under great difficulties with hands full of dog and umbrella and it rained at intervals, ending with a torrential downpour with thunder! Here are a few shots - a few video clips here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=O-sCxI48R4c
Dasher's sister Chilla who has turned out the most beautiful little Italian girl! Unfortunately, no good photos of her. We should have met up later but couldn't find them.
Two lovely Wolfhounds and to the right, a friend's Whippets, Emmy and Minna. See more on the little video link above!
Dasher whispers secrets to a patient saluki!

Winter is on it's way so remember to order your IG clothes (and collars!) from Helen Lister, an English IG breeder of Cruft's winners (who I have known from our first IG over 20 years ago, so I can recommend her things. Explore: http://www.togsfordogs.net/

August the 21st
and another lovely coursing day. Dull and cloudy but just right for the dogs to run. Dasher enjoyed greeting everyone and ran well although he left the hare to come to me, regretted this and ran back to the hare!!! Oh well, he's just a beginner! Santi on the other hand, sized up the field in seconds, he KNOWS the hare won't dash into trees but will turn, so he shot straight across to cut it off, whilst poor Dasher faithfully followed it round! See us all here:
There was a very attractive Whippet puppy of only 12 weeks who came to watch the coursing! Dasher (and everyone else) loved him!

Show and Lure coursing Champion "Santi" shows off his latest medal from the European Championships, won in Chardonnay in France in July where has was 3rd best!

August 11th 2010
Dasher and Timmi relax lying behind me on the guest bed! Timmi was 8 years old on the 7th of August and as beautiful as ever!

August 5th 2010
Nothing whatsoever to do with Dasher or dogs, but we went to Næstved Familie Zoo to meet Craig Busch "The Lion Man" known all over the world from his tv series about his big cats and he has "a way with them"and a natural talent that is wonderful to see. He lives in New Zealand and founded "Zion Wild Life Park", but a series of financial and personal crisis have gone all wrong for him, so he is no longer in charge there, but he owns the animals and wants to come back and continue his work for theses threatened species.
Visit his site and help him if you can, these animals are all threatened - by stupid mankind! See my video taken yesterday evening at Næstved Family Zoo (a great place for children, as they can go in to many of the animals), where he "excites" the tigers and they have to work for their food! The huge male is the only white tiger in Scandinavia, (they are very rare) and his mate is very light coloured so they think she carries the gene for white tigers. She is due to give birth in a few weeks - although one can see nothing, they are hoping. So keep an eye on their site too, there are links to them from the YouTube video:

August 4th 2010
Dasher LOVES laser lights that he can run after! Never gets tired of it, even tho' there is nothing to catch. Our son has given us an extra strong laser bought in Thailand that almost is strong enough for sunlight. After two mornings of dull weather and Dasher enjoying a good run around the garden after this new light, this morning was too sunny for it. But he REFUSED to come in, he just sat demonstrativly in the grass and demanding his "go" with the light! So I fetched it with a sigh and by showing it to him in my shadow, I got him to run, but not far as he really couldn't see what he was running after! (When it is gloomy weather, the light is perfectly clear anywhere in the garden.)
Here he is: www.youtube.com/watch?v=zi8gbVkYCiA

The 3rd of August:
Just had three days of intensive grandchild entertainment, (it goes both ways!) and Dasher is SO sorry that he's gone home now. They had lots of fun together.
Of course, sitting in his cage appears to be a "must" for all children!
Below: Can I come in too?....yes! Two dogs and one "big for his age" child of ten in one cage - amazing!
Childrens hands are so loving and tickly...Dashers tail's wagging so hard the camera can't photograph it!!!

30th of July
The "boys" aways have a day of depression wh
en the "girls" go home again. Dasher was hard hit and didn't know what to do with himself and wandered around restlessly. But now he's back in top form and VERY lively! The days are cooler now, we have all been suffering from the nearly non-stop heatwave for over a month.
Today, I uploaded another video to YouTube showing my dogs (males) running to and fro for exercise. Taken in the heatwave when the "girls" were staying, they are unable to concentrate on the "whistle game" in the heat and are a shambles! NOTHING stops the "girls" though - they run with the same drive and enthusiam no matter what the weather! See the "boys" here:
and compare with the "girl's" concentrated run: www.youtube.com/watch?v=ELi-zO25Oc0

the 26th of July
and the "girls" are due home today, I can truly say that they have had a wonderful time!

Last photo taken of them!

the 25th of July
Below: Dasher waiting for some fun to begin
together with favourite girlfriend Dharma!
Left: Dasher is always starting a mad game, indoors or out. He wants to "use" the precious time with 2 lovely "Whippet ladies" to play with! After a few minutes, I put a stop to it as it is far too dangerous - accidents can so easily happen when Whippets and Italians play at a VERY high speed and VERY wildly and Whippets are much bigger and heavier - its risky to say the least.
Right: Our "boys" have taught the girls to eat Chinese cabbage. Above is Dharma taking a leaf to prove it's true to the owners! However, I mostly cut it up into small squares and thrown it around in the grass for them to seek out and eat. All my dogs adore the crispy white stem of chinese cabbage (white cabbage too) and have inherited the knowledge through generations each time I have acquired each new puppy over the years. We have a tradition that it is "dessert" after their dinner each day and they find it hard to forgive if we have, on a very rare occasion, run out! We and the canaries, eat the green part.
Maybe it gives them valuable fibre in their diet? After 3 days of totally ignoring it, the girls finally came around and ate it together with the boys!
Fanny is always the slowest "to feel at home here" with us each time they stay, but after 2-3 days, she suddenly sprang up on my lap as I sat at the computer and said she HAD to have a proper cuddle! Svend ran to get the camera. Afterwards, I gave Dharma a cuddle on my lap so she wasn't left out.

The 22nd of July
It is essential that sighthounds run every day. They love it and "live for it" and it keeps them looking beautiful and also happy in the mind. Here is how we exercise them in the back garden. This is done AS WELL as any other exercise they may have!
My husband and I are positioned as far away from each other as we can and each have a bag of VERY small tit-bits. (Frolic broken into 4 parts! The reason we use Frolic is simply beacuse it is nice and damp as against ordinary dry dog food particles and can be broken up so small.)
We call it “the whistle game” as we used to have whistles to call them to and fro, but now we don’t need these now.
Just 10 times forwards and back,  (or before they get tired or loose interest), three times a day,  (must be before meals!!!) is perfect for them and they are well satisfied. Here is a video of Dasher who has just run with Magnus and Timmi, but he won’t come in when it is our holiday guest’s turn and so he runs with them as well! We have sand at the “corners” because in wet weather or during the winter, the grass turns to deep mud pools whilst  the sand keeps it “nice” at all times.

July 20th. and more photos from yesterday.
Fanny sunbathes the hottest place: On the sand "race track"! Right: Dasher's had enough, on way in to to our cool house.
More sunbathing. Right: No photos of Magnus for ages, so here's one where he is scratching himself on the grass!

19th July
Yesterday Dasher went to lure coursing a new place and with a record long run: 635 metres! The first run, together with his IG friend Santi, was a fiasco as they both lost sight of the lure and came racing full speed back to us after only about a third of the way. After a long pause they tried again and this time was also a fiasco as the starter lost her concentration and clapped us on the back (the start signal) far too late so poor Santi had long lost sight of the white plastic in the grass, whereas Dasher decided to give chase unsighted and managed to catch up with it. He ran the full round well tho' he was very tired at the end and they cruelly let the lure get way ahead of him, so he decided to give up and come back to mom without "killing" it first! I really admire the way he always knows where we are at all times, never loosing his inner "compass", even tho' it's a strange place and very big.
See it all plus much more on: www.youtube.com/watch?v=5GGH0CuJNWo

The only relaxed Whippet at the place - doing stretch exercises. All others were slightly hysterical in anticipation of the chase! Right: Our machine.

16 - 17th July
Looking after after our friends two Whippets girls for 10 days!
(They look after our dogs when we go away!) Dasher was only minutes finding which one was the most playful, see them here on a video - I just love seeing him trying to be as cute as possible to another dog and using all the language that dogs have, which is amazingly varied:

Photos from the garden. Hopeless to try to get them all together and if they sunbathe together on the lawn and I go to fetch my camera, they all get up to come with me! The girls look like they are having a good time, huh?! All the dogs get on really well as they have known each other for about 8 years. although Dasher is new, he always gets along with others.
"Frying" in the sun!
Below: Evening rest after dinner and a tiring, hot day: Fanny tries out Dasher's cage - but looks nervous as I get up to photograph!
Right: Fanny sleeps it off after dinner!

9th July 2010
Dasher's gloomy attitude when he realises we have dressed up to go out for the evening and he is not going with us!

8th July 2010
Dasher's leg seems ok (so no bandage now) and we let him run around a bit - he is overjoyed at the freedom. Two neighbour girls visited and took him for a walk (around the garden, I never let children walk my dogs) and then with Timmi too. It is lovely seeing Timmi being walked by someone else, he is very beautiful at the moment - but his bad toe will never be right.

5th July 2010
At last Dasher is limping less - but I have also given him a light elastic support bandage which seems to help a lot. Coursing tomorrow and we are so sorry not to be able to go.

3rd July 2010
Family get-together and belated birthday-gift-giving day in 35 degrees C and beautiful blue skies. Here is a photo-mix:
Dashers cage works like a magnet for all children, here is my grandson!
The dessert with homemade merange base and our homegrown strawberries (over 2 kilos of the best !) with blueberries.
Flowers from the garden right now!
ONLY our youngest son can carry Dasher around! Dasher completely relaxes and enjoys it. Otherwise, he leaps down after about 10 seconds and you CANNOT hold him! He is still limping slightly, I'm afraid.

2nd July 2010
We cut Dasher's nails again today. He is still limping but me holding his foot and him standing on 3 legs didn't bother him any! I would just like to remind everyone how we do it - it is SO easy and painless:

I use Svend's old nailclippers. (He's got a new pair!) They are far better than dog clippers - for a small dog.
I've invented this way of doing the deed! You might like to copy the idea as it works so well, the dog's happy about it and you get the ghastly job done with almost no stress!
Step 1: Prepare the table. Cutting nails on table height is best. Put a folded blanket on the table to prevent the dog's claws from scratching. Find something that can function as a little "table" for your dog to eat off - that is at the dog's head height. I use a cardboard box. Then smear something delicious like liverpaté, cream cheese, even butter will do, all over the top. I used the Danish "leverpostej" (Liver paté made from pig's liver.) Anyway, it wants to be delicious and "lickable" and take time to be removed from the surface. Not just a blob of something, but a large area! See here:
Put this box on the table beside the blanket.
Step 2: Prepare the dog. Put collar on the dog with room for a hand to hold firmly so there's no chance of the dog falling on the floor. Svend is my "dog holder"! The "holder person" has his/her work cut out to steady the dog and keep it licking. The clipping person (me) is free to concentrate on the individual nails.
Step 3: Lift the dog onto the table and the "holder person" then puts left hand inside collar and holds it with a death-lock grip and right arm around the dog's chest and squashes the dog tightly against him or herself - so this dog isn't going anywhere!
The dog will immediately spot the delicious treat of liverpaté placed right on nose level. He has a choice: Make a fight and try to get down or lick up the liverpaté and concentrate on that. Dasher couldn't resist the liverpaté so he started licking whilst I, with reading glasses firmly perched on my nose, got on with the cutting! It works a treat!

Tuesday the 29th of June
Poor Dasher's a bit out of action at the
moment. Sunday, he leapt up on the sofa at high speed and hit his right front foot hard on the corner of the coffee table! He's jumped up a million times, but this time he was clumsy. The joint swelled at tiny bit, but later appeared normal, but he must have huge bruising. He has been limping ever since, so we are keeping him from all running and jumping and his walks are only 10 minutes long. He is being very good about this, probably because the weather has turned VERY hot and probably also the pain he can feel. So no lure coursing for a few weeks and no Puppy playground either until I am sure he is fit again.
He was at the Puppy playgound last week, will send a video soon, but he was shut in with some very large, boisterous dogs, so he spent most of his time keeping out of their way. It is extremely dangerous for IG's to play with very large dogs.
Here he is showing you his bad right joint! The collar reminds us constantly that he's an "invalid" - and to put the leash on him when in the garden.

Sunday the 20th of June
Dasher has learnt to wear a racing muzzle and was allowed to run against his hero Santi - who held his own, expert as he is - he knows all the cutting corners tricks!
The run was 433 metres long and no photos of the end as we had quite a long way to run round some bushes to pick him up - but he left the lure and faithfully ran to find us amongst the crowd of people and dogs!
The place was breathtakingly beautiful and the weather held off from raining for once! No still photos, but see small clips from the day on YouTube:

June 17th
Dasher at the puppy playground - two large puppies far younger than him ganged up together and chased him around but he was too nimble for them!

June 16th
Finally, after months of talking to friends and getting lots of email advice - even from America where lure coursing is much more developed - and buying a muzzle too small, I have got a nice plastic-coated racing muzzle from Sweden, www.greyhoundwhippetstore.com - this part of Denmark's nearest neighbour. They were several weeks sending it, so I nearly gave up, but it finally came yesterday! (It is the smallest size Whippet muzzle actually! This, I’m told, is worn by all IG’s.) Today I tried it on - of course he hated it and as Earl with Bill the American IG coursing start (see Billsrun.htm) told me, it needs bending and slight adjusting to fit his head, but it is acceptable and safe wearing apparel for "His Majesty" (as we often call him!) during coursing. It is fun seeing him run alone at top speed but it will be more than double as fun to see him race against another Italian and the FCI rules require that all dogs use a racing muzzle. I'm really looking forward to next Sunday to see if he will run with it on.
I have practised him getting used to it by running round the house and the garden with him running after me as he knows I have a handful of tit-bits and I can feed him one through the muzzle. He hates it, but quickly got used to it – so long as he is “paid” for wearing it!!!! I will do this several times every day now where I get him to understad that he CAN run with it on.
Here are some pictures.
Mom, will you take it off now please?

June 14th
Today, we drive Kris and Nardo back home and have a lovely walk on THEIR beach. Dasher became quite interested in wading out in the sea! See here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=S9gOoh46D6Y
Just a tiny clip I'm afraid.

June 13th
At last, a tiny bit of sun broke though the cloud, tho' still rain every day, today was better.
Left Nardo with Magnus and Kris enjoying the sun. Right Dasher has a chew bone and Kris doesn't mind!
Nardo and Dasher tease good natured Timmi by running round and round!
Evening and Kris has unwittingly taken Magnus's favourite bed (the one nearest ME!) so Magnus very slowly and carefully crept in beside him! But he looks very uneasy!

June 11th
Still looking after Kris and Nardo and it's going really well and they are very affectionate towards us. This afternoon, in between rain showers, Dasher tried SO hard to get them to play with him. He found an old plastic sack that he loves to play with (see previous video) and he did all he could to show them what fun it would be if they joined in - to no avail, they were not interested at all! Playing with dirty old rubbish sacks is beneath two such finely bred dogs!
See here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=WiSHfizPwYo

June 10th
Dasher goes coursing again! He is brilliant at it! Here is a video with firstly, his run, I was at last able to film him as an IG friend started him for me) then Vincenza who starts really well, but later looses sight of the lure and you can see her poor owner running at top speed in the distance urging her on to the end, then various clips of dog owners and bystanders (and Santi is a really smart get-up!) then my friend's galgo who was so keep she kept doing false starts and finally a rough haired galgo runs well. These shots were taken at evening training, the long, light Danish sommer evenings are wonderful tho' this one was in between rain showers and with gloomy grey skies...
Our hare machine operator and new upcoming apprentice waiting patiently!
Santi's smart hand sewn get-up!
Vincenza after her run - she's sniffing the rather old and very "high" rabbit skin!!!

June 9th
From left: Nardo, Dasher and Kris still in the rain - but it's just stopping at lunchtime. I have just appeared at the garden gate and they are all clearly thinking: "What does she want?"
Earlier, after a walk, they play in the garden in the pouring rain - hence the coats.

June 8th
Yesterday, IG's Kris (left) and Nardo (right) came in the afternoon (with their owner of course!) to be looked after here for a week.
They recognised us all from their stay here in February and have just fallen into the life here once again and are very lively and happy.
Today, Tuesday, Dasher visited the Young dog playground (not puppy for once) and fell in love with a Beagle of 10 months who was barely over her first season and clearly smelt far too good to miss, so he and another dog just followed her devotedly around. They played very well for a while, but the whole time Dasher and the other dog were just waiting a chance to jump on her! Separated into another enclosure when they finally became little pests, he spent the rest of the time looking longingly at her through the wire! The playtime was almost a waste of time! So not one photo!
Better luck next time!

June 3rd
and Dasher is once again at the puppy playground.
This time, amongst other dogs, he played really well and had some good chase games with a Welsh Springer Spaniel of 1 1/2 years. Here's a video showing some of their antics!

May 30th
We went with our 3 dogs to have lunch with friends who have 2 Whippets (and 3 small children) and three other friends came too with, between them, 3 Whippets and a fawn bitch IG - 9 dogs in all. Our friends have a garden of 3000m2 full of interesting paths and small flower-beds and areas enclosed with low beech hedges and masses of VERY old trees - a wonderful, idylic place surrounded by fields. (Only a small, open part of the garden is seen on these photos.)
The weather was cold but some sun and we were lucky as it's pouring with rain today - and rained heavily the day before!
The other IG is older and likes to spend most of her time in someone's arms! Here she is with her owner and below with our host!
The dogs all know each other and get along well and Dasher proved to be the life and soul of the party and got all the other dogs chasing at top speed after him! Unfortunately I only got one short clip worth showing:
Dasher wonders what "children" are and how to play with them!
Dasher being affectionate to Whippet "Sophie", she was very tolerent and sweet natured.
The dogs are tired after all the fun! Left Magnus and Timmi, right Augusta.

May 28th
Dasher at the vet's puppy playground! He met the tan Prazsky krysarik (Prague Ratter) dog again and he still felt aggression towards him and was so scared that his whole back went up to start with! However the dog is really wise and somehow or other it came about that they chased and ran around in happy play several times and he showed Dasher he too had a good set of white teeth when Dasher growled aggressively so Dasher showed respect and they got along really well, tho' Dasher had his doubts at times! I was pleased to see that he could overcome his original dislike and see the dog is actually rather nice and a good playmate! Here he is standing beside it while his best friend, a Dachshund is just along side. They play very lovingly together, chasing about whilst rubbing necks sensually together!
It was getting surprisingly hot and here is a calm scene with the three vet's two elderly Spaniels and a puppy Pug being petted by a puppy owner whilst they enjoy the sun.

May 20th
Dasher at the vet's puppy playground again! Once again he couldn't find anyone special to play with tho' he played with a variety of puppies it was only for a short while - and he found one for the first time that he did not like. The tan smooth-haired young dog seen below right for some reason made him feel aggressive.

May 12th
Yeah yeah, Dasher is fine, just not done anything remarkable, puppy playground closed and no new photos. However, on Saturday one of our sons took funny close-ups of Timmi! Here are two - really weird!

May 4th.
Here he is at 9 weeks, one of the first photos I took when we got home with him. He is watching the two Whippets have a pee in the garden, it was late evening and he barely knew them. The next picture is Svend petting him whilst watching tv on the evening of the 4th - age one year! How time flies. I must do better than this...

May 2nd.
Here he is relaxing in the evening in his favourite position - and underneath, my favourite photo of him taken in 2007.

The 1st of May
Dasher and three sisters plus Vincenza and Santi all meet up to coursing today! Never before have we been so many IGs together - and Santi raced with Vincenza - they ran SO well. No photos I'm afraid as it rained or drizzled and I am afraid my camera will be ruined. Here's one of the few photos I took, with Dasher straining after Zoe and Sally. I videoed Zoe's first run, but it's not worth putting on YouTube. (The quality, not Zoe's fault!) She ran well, faltered to see where her dad was, he encouraged, so she ran on to the finish! Sally was like a pro.!


The 29th of April
Dasher meets up with a "relative" Vincenza and both run perfect lure coursing rounds of 423 m - twice in one evening - and they were not even panting afterwards like the bigger breeds!
Left: We try to get them to pose together - impossible! Right Vincenza and owner just before the off! See the video on YouTube of Vincenza's second run of the evening: www.youtube.com/watch?v=AmEza9pEZ7c
The 27th of April
We visit the beach at Kobaek Strand for the last time - dogs are forbidden on Danish beaches from May to September - but poor Timmi hurt his toe all over again so had to be left behind. Such a shame when it seemed to be getting better at last.
A stiff cold wind was blowing - hence the winter coats.
A dead bird interests them. To the right, evening on the sofa with Timmi and Dasher!

The 24th of April
Dashers sisters Zoe and Sally needed looking after whilst their owners were at a special birthday party and they had a great time chasing Dasher around his own garden! He had a hard job managing the two girls! They will all sleep well tonight!
See the wild racing around in our garden here:

Left: Sally is the spitting image of Dasher! Right: Sally takes a siesta in Dasher's favourite bed whilst Zoe uses her own.
Dasher is very keen on big sister Zoe and the feeling is mutual - but she knows how to keep him from being TOO familiar!!!

The 23rd of April
We had a wonderful day with lunch at our friend who has Kris and Nardo - after a lovely long beach walk. Dasher was an angel on the beach, coming to me all the time, getting praise and a tit-bit and then running off again. He is getting used to having his freedom and relaxing with the experience instead of playing hard to catch! It was bitterly cold and no sun so he wore his "Togs for Dogs" coat - the other two are more used to it as it's "their" beach and they walk there every day of the year!

The 22nd of April
Dasher was at the puppy playground today. He had a good time but found it difficult to find a friend to play with for any length of time! See him here with small clips of video where they are all playing: www.youtube.com/watch?v=mwu02JWb63Y


The 16th of April
Yesterday, Dasher played at the Puppy playground again that our local Animal Hospital holds. There were plenty of playful dogs of all shapes and sizes and he had a VERY good time. Here are some photos and a short video.

The 11th of April
Yesterday evening, two beautiful prinesses came to visit Dasher and Whippets!
The scene later on the sofa!

The third of April 2010
Two friends came on a visit with 3 of Dasher's sisters. They own his big sister and his litter sister and are looking after another litter sister for Easter - so it was wild Italian race in the garden at the speed of light and VERY hair-raising! I loved seeing them all have fun! I had thought that Dasher would be the one doing all the chasing, but he had more than enough to cope with when three "lovely girls" were after HIM - especially Shiloh, whom he seemed to prefer, she could out-run him any time, he couldn't escape! (
Look forward to seeing them come to Lure coursing!) See them run on YouTube:
I shut the Whippets away after a quick greeting so the mad games could take place without their interfering!
Tina shows what Zoe can do, Shiloh too is learning - Zoe knows many tricks (34 different commands!) with clicker training. Right she does a "high five" - she had just done it correctly, but I was too slow with the camera and got this one where she cheats and supports herself with the other paw, but just as cute.

Dasher's turn to learn something, he's just not sure what!
Three sisters! Right: Shiloh resting with Henrik - all the dogs run to him and want to sit on his lap!

March 30th
Our grandson stayed for a few days and all the dogs love him. Here in these two photos, we had just returned from a walk and it was bitterly cold as there had been a frost, so Dasher is wearing his warmest "specially-sewn-by-Dorte coat"
and David gets him to "skake hands". The other shows Dasher with a funny face enjoying being stroked!
(That is not a scar on David's forehead but a shaft of sunlight!)

March 27th
Last Tuesday we took the three dogs to another beach: Kobaek Strand and they had a wonderful time. Dasher again was more or less (apparently) stone deaf to my calling, and when he DID come, either shot past or wasn't interested in the tit-bit he was SO taken up with examining everything and being "everywhere at once". However, this is typical of a dog who is rarely allowed to run free. The brain is "fully booked" with all the new input of smells and sights etc and drunk with freedom, they make the most of it, only to be very sorry when it all has to come to an end. We must try to come more often - but unfortunately Danish beaches are only open in the winter months and this winter has been impossibly harsh with so much deep snow we couldn't go for months. Dasher is wearing his blue "Togs for Dogs" coat!

Some of the cute thatched summer houses at Kobaek Strand!

Lure coursing March 21st
We drove to Dianalund (tak Lone og Bamse!) and had a fantastic time with other sighthound owners! Dasher excelled himself and ran so well, fast and concentrated that we can safely say that "he's bitten" by the sport and I was really pleased. It was wonderful to see him run like that. He has some very good muscles from all the racing in our garden 3 times a day and the laser light on the sofa! He even learnt to sit quietly in the car alone afterwards for a while, amazing! I bought him a tiny wire racing muzzle which he will have to wear when he races against others, so now I have to get him used to it! Here are some pictures. New-comer IG Vincenza had never tried before but she too, flew like the wind, so yet another one "bitten" by the sport! This time, to help the new beginners, there was a genuine and quite bloody rabbit skin to race after!
Thanks to Santi's owner Dorte, here is Dasher's run step by step.
On left I am showing Dasher the "hare" - an entire rabbit skin for once - and trying to make it seem interesting as this is what he's to run after. Right I am taking his leash off and our judge and helper Lars will tap me on the back when I am to let Dasher go. (We used to shout "NOW!" but we have learnt from Sweden, that a tap on the back is best, especially when we are two people releasing a dog each!!!)
Left: He's off like the wind! Right: At the first turn - the yellow cones mark where the rollers carrying the cord are hammered into the grass for easy finding when the person on the motorcycle lays out the course again.
Left: Dasher's crossed the path and is on the second field and headed for "home" he never faultered once or wondered where his Mom was!!!! Right I'm catching him, putting on his leash and letting him sniff and bite at the rabbit as a reward. You can see a bit of the machine that pullls in the "hare" waiting for me to be finished.

In this photo I'm dragging him quickly off the field as Lars is driving the little motorcross machine and pulling the hare round ready for the next dog to chase. In the middle of the photo, the machine and right Vincenta and owner waiting for their turn.
Left Santi racing off at top speed, Lars has just tapped Dorte on her back. Because of his colour, Santi looks like a hare when he is running! Right our "hare driver" expert Karin and faithful helper Torben plus an Afghan soon to run.
Left Vincenza jumps over from lap to lap to sit with Santi! Right Santi wishing he could have one of the delicious cakes people have baked for the day. The chocolate cake is to celebrate two Afghans who have just become 1 year old!
Left ringing home to boyfriend to tell him how well Vincenza raced after the "hare" at her very first ever try at Lure coursing! (So many don't get it first time and this is quite normal.) Right: Saluki friends have a good chat with an Afghan owner.

Of course Dasher and Santi recognised each other immediately and tried to start a crazy game several times, but it wasn't easy whilst on the leash! Right: Some of the others with the "cake table" in the distance.

Back home again and a friend has sewn a wonderful new coat with chest piece for Magnus so here he is modelling it.
(Tak Lisbet!) Another mutual friend brought it with her to coursing today - so kind! Magnus has a very good coat of fur, which is unusual for a whippet, so he's always used a coat with no chest cover and never feels the cold. But this winter has been exceptionally cold, down to minus 8-12C for weeks on end and he has felt the cold on walks, plus he is 10 years old on the 2nd of May, so I decided he had better have a warmer coat in the future.

March 20th
We get a flying visit from Dasher's breeder Arne Duelund Nielsen, Kennel Sissala, after the 2010 Annual General meeting with The Danish Sighthound club. Dasher seemed to recognise him and gave him some hearty kisses!

March 19th
Dasher starts again at the vet's puppy playground after three months of snow and freezing temperatures have prevented him!

March 18th

Dasher standing with his back curved. I think he has a bit of a straight back normally and I like the English dogs with the "whippetty curve" over the loin and many Danish IGs have a straighter back, but here, he's listening intently at the mud room door and his back is quite curved. He also has just about the longest tail I have ever seen on an IG - and I love long tails - far too many IG's have a short tail that is way too short in my eyes, but this normal for the breed.
The first snow-drop to open - hurrah, spring's on the way!
March 17th
Had a bit of excitement Tuesday morning! We drove the dogs to Egerup Strand again and this time it was sunshine and and beautiful weather apart from a stiff wind that was just above freezing! Since Dasher doesn't worry about keeping near us, I put an extra RED coat on top of his ordinary one - a very old coat from my previous IG - so I knew I could see him at all times! (Had toyed with the idea of attaching a balloon to his back, but I thought this might excite the Whippets too much!) This time I had cheese cubes as "bait" and whereas the Whippets immediately kept even nearer to me, Dasher wasn't impressed - this new place was far more exciting than even a whole chicken! (His favourite meat.) He dashed around and had a great time. The Whippets seemed to spend more time eating unmentionable things and rolling vigorously on two dead bird carcasses! This time I was determined to go a little further, the beach ends at some point and there are giant cliffs impossible to climb. However, crossing the beach ahead of us was a fast moving stream of fresh water some 4-5 feet wide and coming from all the nearby fields where the melting snow has waterlogged everything. There was a way round, jumping over small "estuaries" but Dasher, with the typical IG mentality “nothing stops ME!” took one quick look, sized it up as “just water” and starting to march out into it! (He’s got amazingly tough this winter. After screaming in pain at his first snow experience, he thinks nothing of standing in snowdrifts up to his belly or walking about taking his time to sniff whilst knee deep!) He soon could hardly reach the sandy bottom and his coats flopped up and down in the water and he was now more or less swimming and I was screaming his name, as weighted down by TWO winter coats, I had visions of him drowning. I have had two bad experiences of rescuing a dog that had fallen through thin ice on a lake near us and I know the total AGONY of the knee-deep (luckily not more!) icy cold water and a quarter of a mile walk home on feet I no longer could feel, they were entirely numb!!!
He reluctantly turned around and “swam” back, heaving himself out of the water as the coats weighed a ton and I shouted to Svend and the other two dogs that the were going back to the car at top speed! Dasher was soaking – and soon covered in sand but even this didn’t stop him racing around enjoying himself and he was SO disappointed at coming home again! Phew! This breed can put years on its owners!
Of course no photos of Dasher swimming determinedly in two coats, I didn’t have time for that – only these long distance ones before his swimming exploit! First photo shows Dasher as a red dot on extreme right - see how important it is that he has a RED coat!

March 14th
Just as we thought spring was on the way, a terrible snowstorm with really big flakes hit us this afternoon.
About 1/2 an inch fell - just as all the snow from the past 3 months was melting and we were looking forward to spring.
The sunset afterwards as seen through our neighbours's house!

The snowdrops next morning!
Yes! Our early spring snowdrops are just about to flower, so I hope I will win in a little competion with two others spread over Denmark as to who has the first snowdrop to open! Mine just need sun - and we have that today! Dasher kept getting in the way - I was photographing after his morning walk - so here's one where he decided to pose beside the little snowdrops!
Anyone else want to contribute?

Photos taken 10.30 the 13th March.

Wednesday the 10th
We have had two days where "King Frost" has painted everything so beautifully!

Still some snow around....

Tuesday the 9th
We take the dogs to a lonely beach! Although Dasher is clinging and never lets me out of his sight if we go anywhere, when we gave him his freedom this morning, boy was he relaxed and casual! I have constant contact with the Whippets and they come immediately if I call and keep an eye on my every move, even at a great distance, but Dasher, just like my first IG, just was so taken up with exploring, that we all ceased to exist! He wasn't interested in the tit-bits I have either! Of course he has a lot to learn and we must take him more often now the snow has gone. Egerup Strand is right off the beaten track with fields all around and you can see for miles.

Saturday 6th
New photo of one of my favourite views during a dog walk. Plenty of snow still around!

...and below, my snowdrops, the first spring flowers, bravely struggling with the worst winter since 1986.

Friday the 5th
New YouTube video of Dasher! He loves Clementiner and I can understand it, as they are sweet, although most dogs HATE all the citrus fruits. But now there's no stopping him and he wants the skin of grapefruit (after I have squeezed the juice) as well!

He appears to be battling with the strong flavour, so I took it away after a while. See her:

Thursday the 4th
Dasher is 10 months old today! How time flies. Here he is - sniffing the camera lens!!!

Two more "view" photos taken on doggy walks today. The snow is melting fast. You can see the sea and the curve of the bridge to the island of Fyn if you look very closely. It's 10 kilometres away!

Wednesday the 3rd March
The view from a path from the dog walk this morning. There's a farm right below us in the distance and very, very tiny...
Underneath: Dasher with a new toy he holds i his paws like a monkey!
Monday the 1st of March - hooray, spring's on the way!
I felt a bit of an idiot today!
I’ve noticed for some weeks that Dasher sometimes has a small, soft swelling on one testicle. You can see it as a light area on the video of him playing with the yellow activity ball: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OS3pfuKYiCw
Some friends even noticed it last week and they weren’t even specially looking! So today, I made an appointment to see the vet.
(In the meantime I had Google’ed it and found that tumours had to have a biopsy to determine if malignant etc. and I was prepared – well nearly – for him to have to have an operation!)
It took the vet just a couple of minutes to tell me, (with a big, highly amused smile) that Dasher was perfectly normal and the small “lump” is just an epididymis – yeah, go look that one up on Google! Bet you haven’t heard of it either!
Problem is, that with this breed, the skin is so extremely thin you can see everything, even veins. Sighthounds, are so slim and narrow, that their testicles are not “side by side” but one on front of the other. The vet also said that it is EXTREMELY RARE that an epididymis can ever been seen with the naked eye. Only he, used to feeling for tumours etc. would be able to detect it with his trained fingers. We had a good laugh over it and I said I would have to dash home and revise, (with Google’s help) my knowledge of the male anatomy! So I now have the vet’s word for it, that Dasher is a VERY healthy dog indeed!
Saturday 27th Feb.
For the last three days we have been painting the lounge and kitchen for a friend. She is moving in to this really nice little old "double" Danish house and it badly needs re-decorating all over. (As you can see from the photos). It has a lovely garden to the right out of picture with wonderful old trees.

We don't like to leave "live wire" young Dasher for too many hours, whereas the two whippets are fine for say 5-6 hours - or more in the evening, Dasher comes with us. He is perfectly house-trained and with chew bones and toys he passes the time and even supervises our painting! Our friend meanwhile is re-decorating the little rented house she is leaving! Yesterday and today, he decided to see if he could go up the twisty staircase. Good excercise. He got up, and then couldn't get down! With a lot of encouragement and tit-bits, he managed and now there's no stopping him!
To the right: "How do I get down, Mum?" He has a jacket sewn in England for warmth as it's chilly here!
See "Togs for Dogs": www.togsfordogs.net/18.html

Doing it on his own!
Thursday 18th Feb.
OK, OK, we have been very busy, so no photos for some days, now we are looking after our grandson in winter school holidays.-

Inspired by the two cute girls seen below, our Grandson also wanted to try out Dasher's cage for size!
Here are 2 photos of the latest snowman - but due to a blizzard outside right now, we are planning a much bigger and better one! Dasher could see that it was HIS squeeky bone used as a mouth!
Wednesday 10th Feb.
Yesterday we delivered Kris and Nardo back to our friend (and had a delicious lunch).
Kris and Nardo on their own sofa again (Dasher is off playing with one of their toys) and Svend looks at a map and hears all about the holiday in the Canary Islands!
They are badly missed. One can't help getting a good, loving relationship with the dogs one looks after. Italian greyhounds are the most extreme of all the sighthounds. Extreme elegance that everyone can see on first sight, fantastic movement and gymastic abilities that never cease to delight and entertain me and there's horse blood in their movement too, ha ha! Kris showed me that he could do the elevated walk that dressage horses do where the rider gets them to switch front feet so that first the left front leads, then right front leads - anyone know what that exercise is called? Kris had a knitted sweater on, (knit is not good for short haired dogs as it rides down their backs and can't go back up due to the direction of the hair), so he itched badly on his back and and he threw his head up and did this wonderful dressage walk so I just laughed out loud.
They also have the most extreme minds! Very lively and very intelligent right up into old age they do all the tricks in the book to get the best out of life and squeeze the most out of their harassed owners! Always wanting more and also much more active by far, than whippets and other sighthounds! So we have both been very highly entertained by having three IG’s literally running circles around us.
They have taught Dasher a thing or two about good dog behaviour, as he is a bit of a spoilt brat! The Whippets have been angels about the whole thing. Extremely tolerant and have permitted “silly” behaviour they would murder a Whippet male for taking the same liberties! They too, to a certain extent, fall for the Italian charm! What other breed can allow 2 male dogs to just move in and live in harmony with 3 other males in a strange home? This breed has a talent for "all getting along just fine!" Perhaps because they all "speak the same language" - in that degree.
Dasher is depressed and clinging today – he must miss them badly.

This is one of many foot paths that are so high we can view 10 kilometres of farmland and rolling countryside to the sea. Dasher walks on his own now.
I feel that it is wrong to have just one dog. Dogs need to be several and interact, play and sleep together and two dogs is perfect. One is just as “tied down” with one as with two. Also, it's terrific FUN it is seeing two dogs living their lives together, playing crazy games, communicating, exercising and entertaining each other. Just one dog is NOT the best for either owner or dog – unless of course it’s a service dog, and they lead very different lives.

Dasher has a last game with Nardo on Manday. The "prey" is a knotted rag! No need for expensive toys!
Sunday 7th Feb.
I tossed a Brussels sprout for Dasher to play with! He loves new "toys" - but whereas it took 7 days for Kris and Nardo to discover the joys of Chinese cabbage, it amazingly only took them only 7 seconds to know that Brussels sprouts were edible and so all dogs had a couple with enjoyment - and Dasher hastened to eat his before the others took it!

Saturday 6th Feb.
A bitterly cold wind today. Here you can see Kris eating Chinese cabbage. After 7 days of seeing my three eat it with great enthusiasm, Kris and Nardo are finally convinced that there must be something in it and they have a go tonight.
Right: Kris dozing. Below: all dogs waiting for Svend to come home! They heard the car...

Friday 5th Feb.
9am on the morning walk, here you can see the depth of the snow, cleared on some of the footpaths round here.
One of the two children's playgrounds can be seen upper right.
To the right, Kris and Nardo relax after a lot of racing around followed by a tiny lunch - they look like two bookends!

Thursday 4th Feb.
9.30 pm: Kris and Nardo say goodnight after a very busy day! They've chosen one of the Whippet's beds - again!

I am amazed! Dasher has progressed from playing with a piece of Clementine peel to asking for and getting, a small piece of the flesh, which he eats with enjoyment! Yesterday, I squeezed several Clementines so we could drink the juice and I gave him a squeezed half, still with some flesh clinging to it. He then carefully gnawed it all out and ate it - see photos of before and after. He knows not to eat the peel! He took it inside his cage, scared that the others might want it - but the others were unanimous: This was definitely NOT dog food, no way!!!
See him enjoying it on YouTube! www.youtube.com/watch?v=cIcbJTc2RLQ
"Freezing fog" this morning - very pretty on my two doggy walks. Here's a couple of shots. Usually from here I have a view of the sea and the island of Fyn that is 10 kilometres away - we are so high up in this part of Denmark.

Wednesday the 3rd Feb.
Another heavy fall of snow - we really can't take any more! Here are photos from the morning doggy walk,
at least the sun was shining. Oooh, roll on spring...

Our house extreme right behind carport/workshop. This is the state of the road!

Above: On the walk, we wait for a car to pass. Below: The dogs get plenty of exercise running in the "racetrack" we have dug out for them all the way around the house.
Left Dasher and Nardo at full speed. Right Nardo and Kris who are last each time so no Whippets in sight, they are always first!

All out for a quick pee!
Today we cut Kris and Nardo's nails and I'm quite proud of myself! I set it up the way I descibe below (see the new picture below) and they gave no trouble at all. Nardo's were a bit "criminally long". Dasher didn't want to be left out, so we did his as well - he ASKED to come up and have them done, ha ha! Then the Whippets, shut in the hall so they didn't disturb us, cleaned the entire box top better than any washing machine - ready for next time! My way might seem mad - but it works a treat!

Nardo after a run and then his little lunch! (But before his nails were cut!!!)

Dasher enjoying the sun.

Tuesday the 2nd February
All yesterday, I thought that Kris wasn't well and would need blood tests when he got home again! But dogs show their unhappiness at being uprooted, having to live somewhere else away from the loved owner with a complete change of life, in many different ways. Nardo was clinging but as to be expected, I just petted him a lot whenever he asked - but Kris seemed ill. However, luckily, Kris isn't ill at all! He was just having a bad bout of homesickness! This morning he's full of high jinks and playing in a way I haven't seen since he was a puppy and he ran in the garden and generally seems fine. So he has relaxed here and is now willing to lead this new life to the full!
Here is a new video taken last week of Dasher trying his best with an "activity ball". As I explain, IG's are good with their feet and push and shove, but not PULL as is needed here. He gets into great difficulties as it jams up everywhere!
then today, Kris has a go - he is still a new-beginner, but doing just fine!

Monday the 1st February 2010
Terrible amount of snow and more on the way. I had taken the Whippets for a walk, then took the three Italians and it went really well! All three were on their best behaviour. The day-care mothers who we met with their cute children all thought they were seeing double, or rather triple, and were amazed the breed was not bigger. Actually Dasher is the smallest, (and there's me thinking he was big!) and he's just about fully grown at almost 9 months!
They get along very well, although Nardo has "fallen in love" with Timmi, who just ignores him, and "docile" Kris turned really nasty over a chew-stick - so no more chew sticks, although there are old bones all over the place! Otherwise Dasher keeps them constantly on the go - which they are not used to, being as they are "elderly gentlemen" now!
Dasher alternates between lying together with Kris, as in the left photo, or lying with Nardo - but so far not all three together.
To the right Kris has sneaked in to sleep with Timmi. Timmi has a plaster on the tip of his tail. Somehow or other he has cut it, and blood poured out all over the snow, so a plaster was needed! I'll leave it on for a day.
Sunday the 31st January 2010
Despite high snow drifts and even more heavy snow, our friend's IG's Kris and Nardo made it to our house where they will stay for about 8 days. The Whippets recognised them from the summer and are really kind and putting up with the typical Italian liveliness, whilst Dasher is in his element with - at last - two friends of his own breed who "speak the same language"! Tonight, you'd think they had always lived with us! Typical Italians, they all get along together just fine. I have never seen them fight, they can growl, and threaten with a look, but they work it out between themselves with no problems. Here are some first photos - no good ones yet...it's not easy to photograph such lively souls!
All out in the snow!
Making themselves at home and right, a funny shot - see Nardo's paw around Dasher! They all want up on my lap!
30th January 2010
This is Dasher paralysed in the deep snow that fell last night. We have never had so much and huge snow drifts everywhere. There is a flower bed around this tree marked out with boulder stones - but not a sign of any of them! The time was 7 am - and it was minus 8.9 degrees! Brrrr! At 11 am it is minus 4.3 in the sun!
But keep an eye on this space! Tomorrow and for 8 days, we are looking after IG's Kris and Nardo, (seen twice in last year's blog) so I am expecting piles of funny photos and several videos to come out of what will be some hectic and fun days!

23rd January 2010
Can you see Dasher?
This is Dasher on the sofa late last night! Look carefully!
(It pays to always have one's camera at the ready!)

21st January 2010
I used to quite successfully wait until Dasher was tired and wanted to sleep, then slowly and carefuly cut his nails with Svend's old nailclippers. (He's got a new pair!) Now Dasher is older and cleverer and he makes it very difficult for me.

So here's how Svend and I got his nails cut this morning. I've just invented this new way of doing the deed! You might like to copy the idea as it works well, the dog's happy about it and you get the ghastly job done!
Step 1: Prepare the table. Cutting nails at table height is best. Put a folded blanket on the table to prevent claws from scratching it. Find something that can function as a little table for your dog to eat off - that is at the dog's head height. I used a cardboard box, weighted down with some large onions put inside (!!!) and then smear something delicious like liverpaté, cream cheese, even butter will do, all over the top. I used the Danish "leverpostej" (Liver paté made from pig's liver, not goose.) Anyway, it wants to be "lickable" and take time to be removed from the surface. Not just a blob of something, but a large area!
See here:

Put this box on the table beside the blanket.
Step 2: Prepare the dog. Put collar on the dog with room for a hand to hold firmly so there's no chance of the dog falling on the floor. Put a good winter coat on the dog, preferably one with a chest piece. The coat makes it easier to hold the dog as they are as slippery as eels!!! We have not yet bought a lure coursing muzzle so Svend put on leather gloves as a precaution against biting. He was my "dog holder"! (The "holder person" so has his/her work cut out that it would be impossible to give treats at the same time. My way means the holder person is free to just concentrate on their big responsibility!)
Step 3: Lift the dog onto the table and the "holder person" puts left hand inside collar and holds it with a death-lock grip and right arm around the dog's chest and squashes the dog tightly against him or herself - so this dog isn't going anywhere!
Dasher, who had been quite excited at all the preparations, was amazed at being lifted up onto the table! But he immediately spotted the delicious treat of liverpaté right on nose level. He had a choice: Make a fight and try to get down or lick up the liverpaté and concentrate on that. He couldn't resist the liverpaté so he got started licking whilst I, with reading glasses firmly perched on my nose, got on with the cutting! It worked a treat! These nail cutters are better for small dog nails than proper dog clippers. Dasher thought it was a great idea and we were so relieved at how well it went!
19th January 2010
A tip:
Dasher loves to play with SMALL things, from a pea, a hazelnut (which he cracks open and eats), table tennis balls, piece of orange skin, a laser light, small ball of silver paper, tiny piece of carpeting, a leaf, a small sock with a knot, a small plastic bag knotted up (rustles attractively!) a dice, a child's wooden bead and so on - so instead of buying dog toys for him, I buy cat toys! Big success! Thought I'd pass on the tip!
January 15th 2010
I have been expecting for this day! Four neglected horses live in a field just one small field away from the road that I walk down with the dogs every day. Their wooden fence has been slowly falling apart during the nearly two years we have been here and this morning finally, they have realised that they can step into the next field and enjoy the long, untouched grass (even though it’s under snow, they kick it away) and even an old, half-rotten bale of straw left there from last summer. In their own field the grass is eaten down to the roots and their own bale of straw is long gone.

Dasher was totally fixated with the sight of them so near us, so I went over with him. The horses were very interested in us (they see us every day from a distance) and probably hungry for treats but dog biscuits are probably not suitable. Dasher was paralysed with fascination at seeing them and refused to eat any biscuits - offered to ensure he would not bark - and sure enough he DID bark and so we beat a hasty retreat.
They will be kept from the road by two thin wires, (no electricity), which I could see they had observed and respected.
So they are safe – and enjoying the extra food.

You can see their own very narrow field and fence in the far distance.

January 11th 2010
I have many ideas to entertain the dogs inside while the winter is so cold. Here is one: I got an old shoe box, cut a hole in the lid and showed them that I dropped some small dog biscuits inside. (Actually I use their own dog food - it's healthier!) The lid was NOT taped down. They were mystified, but I know they have a recollection of the plastic ball one can buy in pet shops with a small hole where biscuits fall out when it is rolled around the floor. So they set to work. Dasher seems to want the others to solve the problem for him, later he’s a bit scared as the box is often sent spinning towards him and hits his paws! Timmi gives up pretty quickly then Magnus moves in and gives it all he’s got and succeeds in turning it over – and he gets all the tit-bits in the end!
You might like to try with your dog?


January 9th 2010
The neighbour's daughter and her friend came round to play with Dasher. They discovered they could fit into his cage (where he sleeps at night and also when we go out and leave the dogs at home alone), and invited him inside with them! He was there quite a while and I made a video I have now put it on YouTube. Svend and I are still laughing and they are such nice children!

Then they asked me to photograph them asleep in the cage!! (They said they would love to come and spend the night here in it but we didn't think that would work out!!!) Dasher was amazed, he has never seen anyone inside his cage before, nor is he used to sharing!

Then they wanted me to photograph them together with Dasher - and I have given them prints of the best photos to take home, but goodness knows what their parents will think when they see that they come round here and get shut in a dog cage!!!!

January 4th 2010
Dasher is 8 months old and suddenly, out of the winter gloom, he was posing in a shaft of rare sunlight so we could see that he has become very beautiful indeed and definately up to show standard, despite his height now knocking 41 cm - where 38 cm is the ideal in Europe! I will have to take some good photos SOON, so watch this space!!

There are now 18 videos of him on You Tube which you can find if you ask for "sighthounddotnet".

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