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Welcome to some interesting and informative sighthound pages. I try to give you an idea as to what a sighthound is like and why they think and act differently from other breeds!
Most people don't realise but there are more than 18 different sighthound breeds. Shown here is just a handful. Each page leads you on to the next from the bottom, so you can easily run through them all, or return to this "Chooser" page at any time.
I have created this site as a very caring sighthound enthusiast and advertising artist. I am English, but married to a Dane and we have lived in Denmark since 1970. I have owned sighthounds since 1984. My aim is to spread the knowledge of sighthounds both in Denmark via my Danish site, (www.mynder.dk) and the English speaking world.
I also address a few of the problems dog owners commonly have, (link near the bottom of the list on the right).
I have videos of Lure coursing and other doggy things on YouTube under my name: sighthounddotnet
Try me, if you need any kind of doggy advice - just send me a mail and ask! Whatever it is, I'll try to reply promtly.
Best wishes, Janet

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Sighthounds in general
About Sighthounds!
A short introduction about them all as a group.
The ibizan hound
About the IBIZAN HOUND (Included in the Sighthound Club of Denmark.)
The Afghan hound
pharaoh hound
About the PHARAOH HOUND (Included in the Sighthound Club of Denmark.)
About the BORZOI or Russian sighthound.
About the SALUKI or Persian Sighthound.
Show Greyhounds
About the show GREYHOUND, with photos of some good Danish examples.
About the
Irish Wolfhound About the Irish Wolfhound - this link sends you to my friend's excellent website and description. whippets About the WHIPPET -
the most popular sighthound. (Two pages linked together.)
The Italian Greyhound About the ITALIAN GREYHOUND considered a sighthound in FCI countries.
racing with whippets
"Rag Racing" with Whippets at the end of the 18th century.
IG coursing Bill's run! More about IG's who do Lure coursing in America!
helpful advice
Miscellaneous advice I have given over the years - that might be helpful for others to read.
dashersIGblog ITALIAN GREYHOUND BLOG! Plenty of photos and links to videos - updated all the time! links Some links to others
coursing About IG Jackie Brown's wonderful coursing victory! a dislocated toe How to get a dislocated toe better again.
How to clean your dog's teeth and an important tip to make it easier!  
Doggy questions/problems? Just email me: janetfm@sighthound.net