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Here is miscellaneous advice, which you might find helpful
Much of this is "reader's mail questions" and my answers, but also I have adressed the way I solve various universal doggy problems based on sighthound experience since 1984 and growning up with dogs.
Try me, if you need any kind of doggie advice - just send me a mail and ask! Whatever it is, I'll try to reply promtly.
Best wishes, Janet
running loose
About letting Sighthounds run loose off the leash with tips about this potentially nervewracking situation!!!
About how to get your "doggy family" re-united after a period of absence with only one or more.
puppy training
About how you can get your puppy housetrained quickly and easily!
About how you can deceive your dogs when leaving them alone at home, so they relax.
alone at home
About leaving dogs alone at home with no troubles!
Discussion about IG's versus Whippets and a bit about how both are with small children.
A Whippet who doesn't wag her tail!
Discussion about an IG who vomits on the bedcovers at night!
Discussion about Whippets living in cold countries - and together with cats! (Pics. of coats.)
Help, my Whippet is going to have puppies and I don't know how long the gestation period is!
A little IG who messes in her home!    
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