Streaky, my friend's IG
Here are some of the questions I have had in the past - and my answers:
this one is about the little IG who messed in her home!
Here you can see my friend's two IG's called "Timer" who appears to be "praying" and his best friend "Streaky", no, these are NOT the problem IG in question!
I currently own a one year old IG name Lacy. She is very loving but rather disobedient. We have struggled with house training and to no avail, she is still not broken. We have tried taking her out and telling her to potty. After this did not work we tried paper training her. She did start to take to it at first and then resorted back to my carpets. We love her dearly but she is like a defiante teenager at times. I am a novice owner of this breed. My son and I saw her at the pet store and fell in love and have been in love with her ever since. She is still very hyper and will jump on people when they come in. We purchased another dog about 6 months ago because Lacy would claw at the door and the tiles in the kitchen while we are at work. Since getting our sheltie she has been more relaxed about being left at home. They get in their share of fights. Kind of reminds me of siblings fighting. It seems to only happen when Lacy is in heat. I feel like an irresponsible pet owner but I am not quite sure what to do to correct these problems. I have thought about obedience training but there are no local classes. Did you find it difficut to house train your IG. She is a very intelligent dog and I know she will bring us years of love. She is and excellent dog around children and everyone cautioned me about getting a small breed with small children. I would appreciate any pointers on caring for my IG. We are currently getting her fixed in the hopes that this will help calm her down some.
Thank you for any help you can give,

Thanks for your mail! Did you read my page about IG's on my website? They ARE very lively and very entertaining and DEMANDING! They are also very intelligent and will tease and "misuse" their owners where they can! But mine was the fastest ever to be clean in the house. BUT as he's not neutered, (I found out that possible cure too late), he secretly lifts his leg and "marks" the house at times! But this is NOT YOUR problem!
Your IG has no doubt gotten a bad habit and it is stuck fast in her little head. She can no doubt smell where she went last time as well, even though you do your best to clean up, and so now she's got a fixed idea about this and finds it most convenient to her. You have to change all this - hard work, but be assured, IT IS POSSIBLE!
If possible, shut doors and cut down her going into certain rooms so she is not allowed to roam just "everywhere" in the home. If possible get a low fence of some kind, (bit of wire fence? Puppy enclosure borrowed from a show person? A child safety gate or two across a door is good. Even put a big arm chair on the favourite spot? This is just for a couple of weeks or so, as it's very important to block off her access to her favourite spots for "going". Try to make it impossible for her to get these places. Then read carefully my new page (down at the bottom) about house training a dog and start all over.

Basically, you've got to REPLACE her present "idea up in her little brain" as to where to "mess" with YOUR OWN CHOICE OF PLACE! It won't be easy for the simple reason that you'll have to keep your eye on her so much - (get the family to help.)
I think I will write no more on this, as I think my new article about this subject on my website will give you some ideas you can turn to your advantage.
About her temperament, and jumping up etc.: this SHOULD be part of her charm and her ways SHOULD be what you love - because they all do it, that's how they are! They are not for the impatient, easily made angry or annoyed kind of person, nor a peaceloving person who just wants to get on with other hobbies and interests - as you'll not get much peace with an IG in the home!!! She sounds very normal to me! Mine could jump up until old age set in. He'd jump up and "kiss" guests (he always went for the nose!!!) even men over 6 foot tall! We never succeeded in breaking him of this habit, so just warned all guests!!! They learned to put up with it! Now at nearly 15, he can hardly jump at all, poor dear - he must miss all the noses he licked!
A help for this is to turn your back instantly, possibly even move away. Ignore the dog for 1 minute - and do not reward any undesirable behaviour by petting or in any way paying attention to the behaviour. A dog soon stops doing things that never bring it any joy or reward!

As for the wild games - well if dogs get on well, (they can even get to love each other), they can play the wildest games where they appear to be murdering each other with blood curdling sounds to suit! Could worry anyone not used to this behaviour. If neither come to harm, but both seem happy afterwards, (and they seem to sort it out ok) then you should enjoy their mad games and be thankful and glad that they are SUCH good friends and that they exercise each other rather well that way. Dogs "play" their way into each other's trust and hearts, so a lot of play is a good thing. Plus they are good company for each other when you are out, as you wisely planned. (Although IG's love other IG's best.) However, you must stop any real fighting that starts to turn serious. (They are a breed apart and don't necessarily get along with all other breeds, as they think differently.) Stop fights before things go to far with a loud shriek to get attention, and call them to both have a tit-bit - after they have sat on command, so you in no way can appear to reward them for fighting! The situation will then be forgotten - for the while.

And if you can see they ARE fighting seriously and not in play - they must never be together unsupervised. Some dogs never get along with each other - for various reasons, especially bitches can be harsh on each other.

To sum up:
Your biggest (and really only problem in my eyes), is the lack of house training. And she is still VERY young yet. Something's gone wrong right from the start and she hasn't really understood what you want - so begin all over again when you have read my page about this. I'm sure you can fix it this way.
Especially remember not to CARRY her outside, she must learn the way on her own 4 feet AND NEVER, NEVER be angry - it's waste of time, as she'll not understand what you mean. To her, "messing" where she does, SHE thinks is a good choice of places for a very natural happening each day. She'll just get nervous and mistrusting of you instead.
And keep at it! If you have blocked her off from going where SHE wants, it will help enormously.
All the rest sounds very normal lively IG behaviour, so just love and enjoy her! They ARE the family "clown" and jester and they ARE very demanding of attention all the time. And yes they are a great pet for (sensible) children who are past the toddling age who could step on them and break something, or hit her in silly play and so on!
If I seem to have not answered fully enough or your have further questions, don't hesitate to write as I just love these dogs to pieces and never get tired of "talking" about them!!!
Good luck. Your project of making Lacy clean will be hard work at first - BUT REST ASSURED, IT CAN BE DONE!!!

If anybody has any further questions regarding the above, or wants to discuss things in greater depth, you are welcome to mail to me at:

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